My Life Story

Versailles, 2012
Versailles, 2012

Joy was a nickname given to me by my parents, it sort of stuck and is now used by all those close to me. I am a Philippine-born Australian currently working as a biomedical scientist. I am currently on a creative journey that started in 2016 began studying graphic design. Through the course I have found that my lifelong love of typography and print finally make sense. I also rediscovered my love for creating art and calligraphy. I would one day like to run a freelance business, and dream of creating my own prints and cards.


My love of Paris began when I started to learn French in primary school. I have been learning Français on and off since then, and am still on the quest to become fluent. I am currently on intermediate level and looking forward to reaching advanced!

My first trip to the City of Lights was in 2005 & it did not disappoint.  My love has developed from that of infatuation to a deep and meaningful respect. I have gotten to know some of its cons, but love it anyway. I look forward to exploring Paris more.

I love the 1e arronissement, Museé de L’Orangerie and Rue Saint Honoré. I want to get to know Rive Gauche (Left Bank) a bit better, but know I am a Rive Droite sort of girl…


Emigrating from Manila to Sydney at barely a year old probably started my travel bug. Moving to Riyadh at the age of 9 and living there for 6 years opened my eyes to many different cultures.  I enjoy visiting new places and learning about its history, language and customs.

Other than Paris and France, I love Spain, Italy and Greece. After being fluent in French, I would like to learn Spanish and Italian.


My mum influenced my love of fashion by exposing me to the craftsmanship of designer labels. I am very lucky to have inherited a few of her vintage pieces. I love handbags and have started a small designer collection that I’m sure will soon expand. Shoes are my other obsession. My designer collection is a humble few pairs of classics that I hope will grow. I don’t know what it is about shoes, but I love how they complete an outfit. There is no excuse for bad shoes I say!

I love simple elegance and the ‘Parisian chic’ style of dressing effortlessly cool.


My love of food has developed slowly over the years, but I am still learning. My husband has helped me to develop my tastes and is still trying to convince me about some dishes that I haven’t yet dared to try.

I LOVE to bake. I enjoy turning basic staple ingredients into tasty masterpieces.  With this love, I had started a French macaron home business, which I put on hold for the move & now my bub. Apart from the fun of making the macarons, meeting many gorgeous clients and hearing their positive feedback was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to learning more techniques and getting more inspiration from future travel.

My favourites are Italian, French, Japanese and Thai cuisines. I enjoy cooking pastry and aim to learn how to perfect choux.

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