Find a way


If there’s a will, there’s a way.  Yet sometimes finding a way can be a harrowing experience. It can be quite easy to give up in the face of adversity. But persistence pays off, that’s what I keep reminding myself. One day, it could actually happen.

For some time now, we have wanted to make a move overseas. But there always seemed to be something holding us back. When the time was finally right, we got close, really close. Unfortunately last minute, things didn’t go to plan. It didn’t seem like it was meant to be.  The  whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth and I got to the point where I didn’t think I would ever get to. The point where I decided to give up.  “But you don’t give up,” my husband reminded me when I told him of my altered perspective. Life had then changed direction, to one where a move wouldn’t have seemed possible.  So my change of heart seemed justified.

As of late though, the ‘will’ has returned. And with it, a whole new positive mindset.

Now to find a way.

Watch this space.

Thoughts & Comments

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