Le dîner en blanc

I was fortunate enough to be able to access highly sought-after tickets to this year’s event in Sydney, in late November. It has inspired this article on the event, which started in Paris, bien sûr.

Image source : Dîner en Blanc Paris

Every June, thousands of people, fashionably dressed in white, crowd the streets of Paris armed with trolleys and baskets. They are headed to a secret location, to celebrate food, friendship and fun. Invitations to this event is limited to those who have previously attended and their guests.

There are some simple rules to follow at the event which stay true to the original concepts and keeps the event unique.  They include taking along one guest, a table, two chairs and picnic basket, to dress elegantly in white, and to leave nothing behind at the venue.  There are also a few traditions that occur at every Dîner en Blanc; the waving of white napkins to mark the start of le dîner and the lighting of the sparklers to open up the dance floor.

The very first event took place in Paris at the Bois de Bologne in 1988, when François Pasquier organised a gathering for friends and asked them to wear white to make locating each other easier. Since then, the Paris chapter has seen events held at spectacular venues such as the pyramid at the Louvre, Pont Alexandre III, Trocadéro and Palais Royale, to name a few!

Le dîner en blanc events currently take place in many cities around the world, showcasing their landmarks and public spaces.  The first event in Sydney occurred in 2012 with the grounds of the Museum of Contemporary Art as its inaugural venue.

I’m looking forward to attending this all-white event and sharing my experiences.

For more information, visit Dîner en Blanc, Paris and click the links to find an event near you.

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