Frenchie Finds: Secret Paris


Colouring books are absolutely everywhere at the moment.  They are said to be great for relaxation and stress relief, but I was a little doubtful on purchase. I was drawn to Secret Paris for its gorgeous illustrations, which take you on a little tour of Paris.  Flicking through the pages is like walking through the city, passing by recognisable landmarks, eateries, boutiques and objects that give you a glimpse into Parisian life.


I was pleasantly surprised to find colouring quite calming. For the short time I had to colour in a page of Parisian souvenirs, I had forgotten about my day’s to-do list and instead worried about what shade of blue the stripes on the marinière should be. It’s such a simple idea really, creating a diversion by focusing your attention on filling in blank spaces with colour.  For some reason though, I seemed to find it hard at times to stay within those lines (artistic licence I tell myself!). It is actually quite a fun way to de-stress, and a great alternative to other relaxation methods.

So the next time you’ve had a hard day, pull out your coloured pencils and get colouring.

Secret Paris Zoé de Las Cases, Octopus Publishing Group, RRP AUD$19.99

There are other colouring books in this series including Secret New York and Secret Tokyo.

Thoughts & Comments

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