Positive thoughts

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I’ve always believed in positive thinking. I rarely look at a glass being half empty or that negative experiences are a waste of time. That being said, every now and then, pessimistic thoughts enter my mind.  But for me, the key is to decide to move on from those thoughts and instead, replace them with positive ones.

I have always tried to pass on my positive thoughts to those near and dear to me. There were times when my optimism has had people taken aback and almost given the impression of insanity (truly!). Occasionally though, they take effect on people, and it’s amazing when they do.

Through the little time I have been blogging, I have discovered that this is another facet that I could explore (just add it to my long list!). To share positive, inspiring and motivating thoughts to my readers, once a week.  Not only will they (hopefully) inspire anyone who reads them, but will also be a nudge for me to keep positive thoughts in my mindset. We all need a positive reminder every now and then, so I will attempt to provide one every Monday, to begin your week on a positive note.

So today’s inspiring thought will be to think positive! Instead of thinking of things that make you feel down, or listening to that negative inner voice, block it out. Change it to something positive. So when you hear “you are NOT good enough, instead think “I AM good enough. Not only will it brighten up your mood, you will look at life differently. Sometimes the positive side of things isn’t always apparent immediately, but if you give it a bit of time, I’m sure there will be one. Try it every now and then. And then try it once a day.  Your life experience will change, to a positive one.

Have a great week 🙂


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